About us


BOOM SHIVA KENNEL is a step towards showing the pet lovers the right path and helping them to choose a healthy and pure breed pet with distinct feature, which becomes a life time companion for them.

The website is dedicated for those companions of our life which has rough meaning to our life. BOOM SHIVA KENNEL salutes to the four legged canine friends.

We established on the strongly belief that there is nothing on the planet like the boundless unconditional love of a pet
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Safest approach to find best quality & healthy pedigreed puppies available to be adopt on us.
Lifetime Guarantee of pet breed. We responsible breeder & provide high standards of care and prioritise.
Award Winning
Our Pets Champion in HerdingHound○Non-Sporting○Sporting○Terrier○Toy○Working Group○Foundation Stock Service & Miscellaneous Class
Veterinarians Certified
Our own vet examines every puppy carefully before rehome to make sure he or she is healthy and has no genetic or congenital disorders.
Bred All Breed
“You Name it – We Have it” Over 152 dog breeds we Bred, From a 2kg Chihuahua to a 90kg Mastiff, different-sized dogs.
Behavior Counseling
Our experienced qualified pet psychologist & pet therapist guide you which pets is good for your family and surroundings.